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How important is camping moistureproof mat? Factors to Consider in Choosing Moisture-proof Pad
One of the serious problems that we have to face when camping in the field is the invasion of land gas. In the wild, you want to find a place to rest on the grass. Maybe when you stand up, half of your pants are wet, even in sunny weather, let alone the water vapor that seeps out when you sleep at night.
Moisture-proof mattress is a necessary equipment, no less important than sleeping bags, which is known to anyone with outdoor camping experience. Because moistureproof mats can not only alleviate the discomfort caused by sleeping on uneven ground, but also isolate the cold feeling on the earth's surface. There are many brands and styles of anti-moisture mats to choose from in Wanshui Qianshan Outdoor Mall. The insulation principle of moistureproof cushion is the same as that of using sleeping bags and warm clothes. It uses a layer of air which hardly flows to form an insulation layer to block the low temperature of the outside world. The effect of isolation varies depending on how much air layer and the fluidity of the air layer can be utilized by the material used.
The moistureproof cushion has two important functions: to make your sleep more comfortable, especially on the hard, uneven ground; it is a layer of insulator between your body and the ground (of course, not electricity, but to isolate the heat transfer between the body and the ground).
 How to work
Like padding in sleeping bags and clothing, moistureproof pads also block the heat exchange between your body and the outside (ground) cold air. She isolates a layer of dead air between your body and the ground, and uses your body's heat to gradually raise the temperature of this layer of dead air, making it a barrier for heat exchange between your body and the ground, thus playing the role of heat preservation and moisture protection. And the efficiency of damp-proof mattress is different from the amount of "dead air" she can keep and the ability to prevent air convection.
Your plan: Like buying anything else, buying outdoor equipment can sometimes make you regret, because there are so many things you need to consider, and you have a lot of requirements for everything, and in most cases, all your requirements can not be met at the same time. Choosing a moisture-proof mat is the same. There are many things you need to consider: insulation (the ability to insulate your body from heat exchange on the ground), comfort, weight, and volume durability. It's important for you to choose from these conditions, and it might be helpful to consider your outdoor plans.
Use of moistureproof mats
Considering the use of moisture-proof cushion, there are four factors to provide reference: isolation, comfort, use volume and durability. When choosing moistureproof cushion, first decide which factor is the most important, then choose the suitable moistureproof cushion according to your most important factor. According to the situation of using moistureproof cushion, we can choose suitable moistureproof cushion through the following factors:
1. Weather factors: If the weather conditions are very stable, there will be no low temperature, comfort requirements should be more important than isolation. If we can not grasp the factors of weather changes, the choice of high isolation moisture-proof cushion is a safer choice.
2. Rest comfort: Some people just want to sleep with a cushion on the line, do not care about the comfort of moisture-proof cushion, will naturally choose a cheaper, lighter moisture-proof cushion; if the requirement of moisture-proof cushion has a considerable comfort, naturally will spend more budget to buy more expensive moisture-proof cushion!
3. Weight: The comfortable cushion is usually thicker and heavier. If you want to take long-distance walking or hiking, the weight of the cushion must be an important factor to be considered.
4. Volume: The volume of moisture-proof cushion should not be too large, especially when the backpack has little space to accommodate.
The moistureproof cushion has two important functions: to make your sleep more comfortable, especially on the hard, uneven ground; it is a layer of insulator between your body and the ground (of course, not electricity, but to isolate the heat transfer between the body and the ground).
How much storage space do you have?
If your backpack is always full of equipment, then a lightweight moisture mat is worth considering. But if you have a car or a boat, volume won't be a problem. Anyone who doesn't want to sleep comfortably sometimes wishes to carry my dream behind my back.
Types you can choose
There are many kinds of damp mats on the market. It is not time-consuming to know their characteristics before purchasing.
A. Foamed plastic damp-proof cushion:
This kind of damp-proof pad is the most common type, using high-pressure polyethylene material, after foaming, and then according to different specifications cut into a certain thickness of sheet, it has become our common damp-proof pad. This kind of moisture-proof cushion is characterized by closed-cell and non-water absorption. Usually 45 times foam is used to cut into 0.8-1.0 thickness, and the price is relatively low. Because of its low durability, it is usually used once abroad. China is a low-consumption country, people's consumption habits hope to be used many times to reduce investment. To meet this requirement, some businessmen have combined low-power foaming slices with high-power foaming slices. This is the double-layer double-color moisture-proof pad we see in the market. Because the outer layer uses low-power foaming slices, the wear resistance of its bottom is greatly enhanced. The advantages of this kind of cushion are very low price and light weight (negligible); but the disadvantages are also obvious: poor durability, the first use of odor (mainly toxic gases released by polymer materials), unhealthy, long time, although the taste is gone, but toxic substances are still slowly releasing.
B.EVA moisture-proof cushion:
We can know its material from its name, EVA, also known as "back glue". Compared with the closed cell foam moisture-proof cushion, it has the characteristics of good elasticity and strong toughness. Therefore, the price is also quite different. It has nearly doubled the cost of the first type of moisture-proof mat, but has greatly improved its comfort and durability.
C.XPE moisture-proof cushion:
XPE moisture-proof pad, also known as semi-porous foam pad, uses ultra-high pressure polyethylene material. Although this material is not as high as the pure EVA material, its strength, toughness and tensile strength are much better than that of the closed cell foam material, but its water repellency is not better than that of the closed cell material. Therefore, when the manufacturer manufactures the moisture-proof mat, the skin is treated by high temperature ossification in order to enhance the waterproofing property. The moisture-proof pad treated by crust (embossing) not only enhances the beauty and water repellency, but also improves the toughness, and because of the groove pattern, the air permeability feeling is better. XPE is a new breed introduced in the past two years. Its price is slightly higher than that of closed cell foam material, and its comfort has obvious superiority.
However, XPE is not as dense as foamed plastic in appearance, but feels a little rough, which often leads to misunderstanding that its comfort is slightly poor, but in fact it is not. The biggest advantage of XPE is that it does not contain toxic chemicals and emits a disgusting odor. That's the real reason for its high price.
Overall, the above three kinds of moisture-proof cushions are economical and practical products. Some products will be coated with aluminium foil in order to improve the warmth.
D. Air-filled damp-proof cushion: (air bed)
This kind of damp-proof mattress, which is called air-bed, was first used as floating mattress on water in China, and later used as camping damp-proof mattress by some people. The damp-proof performance of this kind of air-bed made of cotton cloth scraping rubber fabric is good, but because of its large volume, heavy weight (possibly more than 7 kilograms), and the trouble of inflating and exhausting, it is in the family of outdoor damp-proof mattress. An unusual variety.
E. Automatic inflatable moisture-proof cushion:
Automatic inflatable moisture-proof cushion is the nobility of the moisture-proof cushion family, is a high-end product. The best cushion sells to more than 2000 yuan. It is often the first choice for outdoor corruption tours. It is very comfortable to use, and its feeling is similar to Simmons in the family. In the manufacturing process, the inner part of the moisture-proof cushion is filled with a sponge with good compression and expansion, which extrudes the gas in the sponge, closes the air nozzle and makes the cushion in a semi-vacuum state with smaller volume. Open the air nozzle, under the action of external air pressure, the sponge expands, which can automatically suck air into the cushion. Therefore, it is called automatic air-filled cushion. The moisture-proof cushion filled with air has very good elasticity.
This kind of moisture-proof cushion is divided into high, medium and low grades due to the different material selection. The polyester silk coated with PVC is generally used in the low grade, so the quality will reach more than 1 kilogram. Polyester silk coated with PU is often used in middle and high grade, and high quality sponge is used in the inner core, so the compression and toughness are very good. In terms of bonding methods, it can be divided into three ways: edge sealing, semi-bonding and full-bonding. High-grade products are treated by full-bonding. After gas filling, the cushion appears to be integrated, so the comfort is very good. Because this kind of cushion fills with the sponge heart, the volume will be larger generally. In order to reduce the volume of the cushion, some varieties take out the sponge heart into honeycomb shape. When the strength is compressed, the volume will be greatly reduced, and the weight can be controlled at about 700 grams. However, because of the complexity of the technology, the price will be more expensive.
In order to make it more comfortable, the self-filling damp-proof cushion can be filled with 1-2 air after the automatic filling stops. This will make it more flexible, but also pay attention not to blow more. This is not a balloon, the balloon is too sufficient, and may cause air holes in the adhesive layer.
A good self-filling damp-proof pad will usually be accompanied by a repair package, so that in any case there is no need to worry about the emergence of unexpected conditions.
There's no harm in trying.
There are many types, shapes and lengths of moisture-proof mats. If possible, you can try different types of damp-proof pads and then make a decision. There are also some questions you can consider:
How soft do you need a damp pad? How long and wide do you need a damp pad? (There are single, double or more people in the damp pad, and some of them are very narrow in order to save room. Is it convenient to inflate, collect and carry?
Finally, some ancillary designs may affect your decision. For example, how heavy are some damp-proof cushions? Inflatable air chambers make the thickness of damp-proof cushions easier to adjust; and damp-proof cushions combined with inflatable pillows make you more comfortable to use; damp-proof cushions with reticulated concave and convex surface can improve the function of heat preservation and anti-skid; some are more designed to conform to human body shape of conical damp-proof cushions to save time.
Even in summer, the temperature of the earth's surface is still lower than that of the air. When we touch the earth's surface, conduction will bring the heat of our skin to the ground, resulting in the loss of energy and cold feeling of the skin. Therefore, we need moisture-proof pads to help us do a good job of isolation, not because of the loss of energy and lead to loss of temperature! For a mountaineer, a good night's sleep may be a very important thing.

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