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Classification of Moisture-proof Pads
1. Rubber inflatable bed: comfortable, cheap; heavy, hard to blow, not easy to carry. Basically eliminated.
2. Single-layer chemical foam cushion: cheap, light; poor warmth retention, poor comfort, not durable. Basically eliminated.
3. Double-layer chemical foam cushion: cheap, relatively light, wear-resistant; tasty. Suitable for rent.
4. Physical foam cushion: moderate price, good warmth, moisture-proof, tasteless; slightly larger volume.
5. Self-inflatable cushion: small size, good warmth retention, good moisture resistance, easy to carry; heavy weight, insufficient air in winter to supplement.
6. Electronic foam pad: smooth surface, closed cell, delicate and uniform, non-absorbent, has good mechanical properties, superior heat insulation performance.
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Product classification



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