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XPE (IXPE) is a free continuous foaming material. Soft materials with smooth surface, closed cell, independent, uniform, non-absorbent, infinite length and non-absorbent. Compared with other similar products, XPE (IXPE) has better performance. XPE (IXPE), especially in environmental protection, flame retardant, insulation, waterproof, moisture-proof, shock absorption, cushioning, resilience, thermal insulation, heat insulation, weather resistance, ageing resistance, resistance, light weight, easy processing and moulding, pollution-free and other aspects, is not compatible with other materials (such as EPE, NBR, PVC, EVA, PU, etc.). Therefore, XPE (IXPE) is widely used in automobile interior decoration, sports and leisure, tourism products, packaging, freezing, construction, family decoration, public place decoration, as well as shoes, bags, friction materials, children's toys, health care and various daily department stores.
I. Use in automobiles and several processing methods:
1. Automotive interior door guard panel, waterproof door membrane, armrest lining, ventilation pipe etc.
2. Sunshade: Sunshade is a kind of frequently moving parts. XPE has become the best substitute because the materials used before (PU, EPE, EVA, etc.) are easily deformed or exposed to the sun for a long time. Using XPE to process sunshade, mainly through composite cloth or film as the surface, and then through hot stamping, or cold stamping and hot pressing, the shading effect is better, the appearance is beautiful and generous.
3. Heat insulation cushion: The heat generated by the engine of the car has seriously affected the comfort of the car. Due to the excellent thermal insulation and heat resistance of XPE, XPE is designated as the only processing material for thermal insulation pads. Usually XPE hot composite aluminium film, and then compression molding.
4. Ground cushion, suitcase cushion: Ground cushion and suitcase cushion generally adopt XPE with low rate, and are moulded by flame composite LDPE.
5. Sealing friction parts: XPE is the preferred material for high quality sealing and friction at the same time because of its excellent resilience and heat insulation and sound absorption performance.
6. Other plastic-absorbing parts: XPE is easy to process, easy to form, low coefficient of thermal shrinkage, and no distortion. It is an ideal material for the protection of other complex parts of automobiles.
2. Application in Air-conditioning Industry:
Air conditioning ventilation duct insulation, shock absorption, sound absorption. Shock absorption, sound absorption and heat preservation of air-conditioning insulation pipes, drip pipes and compressors
3. Construction industry:
As the construction industry has been using EPE felt to waterproof, has become a routine, but because of its inadequate performance, in the construction industry often short-term use of leakage problems, and construction complex, frequent replacement. XPE is the best alternative. XPE is used as waterproofing material in some key national projects. Such as: Three Gorges Project, South-to-North Water Transfer Project, Beijing Metro, Shuohuang Railway Tunnel Project, Zhengzhou Electric Power Tunnel Project and so on. XPE and IXPE can also be used in foundation waterproofing, wall insulation, roof insulation and other places. In recent years, the new product of floor sound insulation and shock absorber cushion is XPE.
4. Application in Sports Industry:
XPE and IXPE have been used earlier and more widely in the sports industry, and their technology is relatively mature. Such as: sports pads, handles, cushions, camping mats, yoga mats, moisture-proof mats, climbing mats, sports lawn mats and various moulding parts
5. The application of XPE and IXPE in shoes and bags industry:
EPE was first used in shoes and bags industry in China. However, due to the insufficient tear strength, poor rebound, odor and ageing resistance of EPE, the quality of products can not be improved. With the further development of China as a world factory, export has become the business focus of many enterprises. However, the products using EPE as lining core material are rejected. XPE and IXPE came into being at the historic moment.
6. XPE and IXPE as the application of floating materials, toys and leisure industry:
XPE and IXPE, as floating materials, make full use of their non-absorbent materials, environmental protection, aesthetic and non-deformable characteristics. XPE and IXPE can be used to process beautiful life jackets, swimming rings, floating boards, surfboards, leisure rowing and so on. XPE and IXPE as toy substrates make full use of XPE and IXPE, which are environmentally friendly and easy to shape. They have many colors and patterns. They are not deformed, especially non-toxic and harmless.

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