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IXPE introduction
IXPE radiation crosslinked polyethylene foams, which are extruded from polyethylene or modified polyethylene with various fillers, are cross-linked by electron accelerator and prepared by high temperature foaming. The surface of the polymer foam is smooth, and the pores are closed, fine and uniform, no water absorption, ring protection, good mechanical properties, excellent heat insulation and sound insulation properties, and easy to process two times. Molded soft foam plastics with good flame retardant properties.
XPE chemical crosslinked polyethylene foaming material, which is made of low density polyethylene, AC foaming agent and other filling materials after uniform extrusion, is foamed at high temperature. XPE has good waterproof, moisture-proof, insulation, cushioning, resilience, thermal insulation, weather resistance, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, easy processing and forming characteristics.
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