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Jinan Run Silent Molding Technology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive production and sales company which integrates scientific research, development, production and sales of outdoor products.
The company has independently developed XPE (chemical crosslinked polyethylene foam) and IXPE (radiation crosslinked polyethylene foam), is widely used in automotive interior, automobile roof, automotive adhesive, air conditioning insulation, insulation board, sports shutter mat, sports equipment handlebar sets, tourism supplies, PE and EVA floor mats, children climbing mat, yoga mat, camping mat, outdoor moisture-proof cushion, and shockproof. Gaskets, sealing gaskets, shoes, bags, children's toys, health care and various daily department stores.
The company is located in Yuhuangmiao Economic Development Zone, a small town with national characteristics, with registered capital of 6 million yuan. The company's sales are based in the Northeast, North China, with its own warehouse of 1000 square meters, strong warehousing capacity. It supplies about 70% of the goods to a large number of distributors in Northeast and North China, and radiates to all parts of the country. It is also sold to all parts of the world as a foreign trade product. Its beautiful appearance, practical, complete variety, and has been unanimously praised by the vast number of customers.
The company's products and sales have three advantages: high cost performance, convenient storage and rapid delivery. "Practical, honest, innovative and higher" is our enterprise spirit; "quality assurance, hot pillow service" is our foothold; "rapid supply, high cost performance" is our greatest feature.
Your satisfaction is our pursuit. Welcome all customers to negotiate and order with all sincerity.


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